De Novo Consulting Solutions

Our team is made up of proven experts that have many years of experience with cost allocation plans, developing and programming cost systems, human services consulting and more.    

 ​​With more than 75 years of combined experience with Human Services, Cost Accounting, A-87, Systems Development, County Cost Allocation Plans and more.    We can put together the right team to serve your needs.   

 Diane Blaschko is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and has over 27 years of consulting experience with County, City and State Agencies. She has completed hundreds of cost allocation plans and has over 10 years experience in Ohio Cost Plans.

Kate Hemleben is a CPA, formerly of MAXIMUS, with City, County and State Cost Plan Experience. She has completed over 40 State Cost Plan Jobs, over 50 County Cost Plans and City Cost Plans. As a CPA, she will help us review our plans to ensure that ft standards.

John Boyer
 has over 25 years of cost accounting, cost plans,and systems design work on cost accounting and timekeeping systems. John programmed the original PET, QuIC and RMS systems used in Ohio as well as the CRIS System that was used for University Cost allocation plans for many years.

Louann Shy
 has over 30 years of cost accounting, human services accounting, review of cost allocation methodologies and Human Service program work in Ohio.
Chris Innis 
has worked for nearly 30 years in County government, human services, accounting and management consulting in Ohio.

Please call us for more information at 844 - COSTPLA (n) or email us at 

Our Team