De Novo Consulting Solutions

Indirect Cost Allocation Plans

Not just a cost plan, it's a better cost plan.   

De Novo is a new company with a new perspective.   Our cost plans are better because they contain more information than most plans.  David M. Griffith & Associates began doing cost plans in the late 1970's.   When you compare the competitors in the market place, the cost plan hasn't really evolved since that time.  Why?  Most consulting firms view the cost plan as a product.   We believe that there is more to looking at a cost plan, and that is why every cost plan has unique elements that you won't find on any other cost plan.


We offer, nationally competitive fees and we offer our clients several ways to work with us.

  • - First, we can offer a full service cost plan at a very competitive price.  
  • - Second, you can partner with us by assisting with the field work.   If you can help us with the fieldwork, directed by our staff, we can lower your cost.   Ask us how we can help you save more.   

Management Consulting
Our team has years of experience working with County, City, and State Government Entities.   If you are combining agencies, looking at new systems or need some help setting rates, give us a call, we can help.   We will help you meet your objectives.    

 IT Consulting & Project Management
Our Team has designed many systems over the years for County and State agencies as well as Universities.    Our systems have included project accounting, case management,  general ledger fund accounting and more.    We can provide project management, quality control, software documentation and testing.    Our team has many years of project management experience, including work with Six Sigma Agile and Waterfall methodologies.   

WHAT Makes De Novo DIfferent?

  • Every plan comes with our exclusive Executive Summary which includes a management letter, issues report, trend analysis, roll forward projection, allocation bases comparative report with percent of SALLY (Same as Last Year) clearly noted and a look forward to next year’s plan. 

  • Every Client receives our exclusive Project
    Workbook to document the project and prepare for next year.

  • Every Plan has a General Fund Reconciliation
    showing all Departments and which are included and which are not included in the plan.

  • When a Department is included in the plan:​It comes in as a whole and items that are not allocable are either excluded
    or allocated to General Government

    o  This provides a clear audit trail to source of data

  • Narratives are robust and clearly explain how the schedule was developed, decisions that were made and how data was handled

  • Schedule A will have three year comparative data

    (if available)

  • All lines of a financial report are brought in for clear audit trail

    back to financials. 

  • All activities are clear and decisions noted on why the allocation basis was chosen.·       

  • Allocation activities are grouped if they make sense, but for clarity, we prefer more activities that clearly define the activity and the benefit derived.  ·       

  • We offer follow up training with EVERY plan we deliver 

    Ware price competitive.