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Ohio County Quilt Project

During my tenure at my previous employer, I enjoyed the personal relationships with many of the Ohio County Human Services Fiscal Personnel.   Back in 1998, when we were about to open our training center and had nothing but bare walls, I asked Counties if they would be willing to put a quilt square together so that there would be something to put up on the walls!    What came back was amazing!  

Of the 88 Counties, 66 participated in the quilt project.  The squares were sewn together and made into wall hangings that hung in the training room where every Ohio Public Assistance Agency, Child Support Enforcement Agency and Public Children Services Agency came for training on PET & QuIC.   I can still smell the fresh cookies.  

Now that I am no longer at MAXIMUS, I have the quilt wall hangings at my home.   It reminds me of how important good client relationships are.  These are types of relationships De Novo will build as we move forward.


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